PrintCounts Patrol™ technology will order supplies and track usage patterns. You and your staff won't have to spend any time worrying about, fixing or buying for your print network. On to Step 3....

PrintCounts Patrol™ safely and securely receives real-time printer information from your print network to order supplies and provide powerful reports on printing efficiency. No more wasted staff time with supply ordering or meter readings!

PrintCounts print network monitoring will:

• Perform Meter Readings
• Notify When Supplies Are Needed
• Send You Email Alerts

Ongoing monitoring of your network for supplies is the job of PrintCounts Patrol™ To read more about how PrintCounts Patrol works, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • What and how much are employees REALLY printing?
  • We have to print, so how can we save money?
  • How much do we REALLY spend in document production (toner, supplies, services, procurement of printers)?

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