As a PrintCounts Platinum customer, you will never have to purchase another printer - EVER! Read how it works below.


Simply enter into a standard PrintCounts Services Agreement. PrintCounts will provide a list all of the printers that are included in the program. Should any of your existing printers listed be taken out of service, PrintCounts will replace it with one of our printers of equal or greater value AT NO CHARGE.

Should you need an additional printer, PrintCounts will provide one of our printers as well, again AT NO COST OF ACQUISITION. The additional printers do require a minimum number of prints in addition to the originally contracted number.

Read about the standard services that are also included...

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • What and how much are employees REALLY printing?
  • We have to print, so how can we save money?
  • How much do we REALLY spend in document production (toner, supplies, services, procurement of printers)?

We can answer all of these questions and help you start saving money now. Click the link below and we'll get you on the fast track to success.


Paper output in typical offices is growing at an incredible 21% a year.
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